"Art and Labor After Art and Labor: The Aesthetics of Post-Studio Work" with Jasper Bernes and Nicholas BrownASAP 7 @Clemson University, Saturday, September 26 (session IX, 10:15-11:45)

"Finance and Resistance" in Contours of Critical Finance Studies conference @ Institute for Public Knowledge @NYU, October 2, 2015.

"The Performance of Finance" sponsored by World Economic Orders @ Wellesley College, Nov. 17, 2015

"Financialization and Revolution" at MSA17, Boston Mass, Nov. 20, 2015


*Feb 17, 2015: Book Talk, Scandals and Abstraction, New York American Studies Association

*March 26, 2015, ACLA Seattle, "Why Literary Finance?"

"The Campus Novel as Financial Text: The Work of the Humanities in the Neoliberal University" Nov. 22, 6pm @ Proteus Gowanus

My lecture from the University of Alberta, "Debt in an Expanded Field" on the work of the artist Cassie Thornton is nowonline with slides from the talk available as well.